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SUNGOLD MILK is the fresh milk brand from Warrnambool Cheese & Butter.

Sungold Milk comes from one of the cleanest, greenest regions of Australia and travels from the farm to the shelf in less than 24 hours, ensuring that Sungold is the freshest milk available.

Sungold provides an extensive range of milk to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

Sungold Full Cream Fresh Milk is suited to all age groups and is the premier product in the Sungold range.

Sungold Low Fat Milk appeals to adults wanting a low fat milk with a superior smooth taste. It contains less than 2% fat, while providing a high level of calcium and protein.

Sungold No Fat Milk appeals to health conscious adults who require a product with virtually no fat, but still want the great taste of real milk. It has less than 1% fat, no cholesterol and provides a high level of calcium.

Sungold Jersey Milk is collected only from purebred Jersey cows, a heritage breed with naturally superior milk renowned for its rich creaminess, high protein and high calcium. Sungold Jersey Milk is a favourite in many cafés and homes for its full cream flavour and froth. Some people may also find this milk easier to digest than regular milk.

Sungold Jersey Lite Milk has all the benefits of regular Jersey milk but only 2% fat.

Sungold FM Flavoured Milk comes in chocolate, strawberry, iced coffee and honeycomb.

Sungold Xtra Iced Milk is perfection plus: a blend of the finest ingredients with fresh local milk to create the perfect drink. Available in two flavours: iced coffee and iced chocolate, we are confident that Xtra Iced Milk is the ultimate flavoured milk currently on the Australian market.

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Our sweet, savoury, crusty, soft, delicious pastries and bread

From our classic loaves and our famous hot cross buns, to our crusty artisanal sourdoughs, our bread’s baked fresh every day. Full of flavour and made with love, find out everything you need to know about our product range below.

Cheeky Cow

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Ocean Groves Best Coffee and Food
The Cheeky Cow is Ocean Groves chic little secret. We make a wide range of delicious food, fantastic coffee, and offer a warm and welcoming vibe, making us the perfect little spot for the whole family. We aim to be relaxed and welcoming with a range of breakfasts, lunches and takeaways available. Located directly opposite the beach, relax outside, enjoy a coffee, a special tea or a great milkshake - what more can you ask for - get away from the shopping centre and main street hustle and bustle and drop down to Cheeky Cow for a cheeky milkshake, delicious coffee or something to eat!
For The Whole Family!
We offer a space that is welcoming for the whole clan: from young to old we have something for everyone at the Cheeky Cow. Our menu caters from children to grandparents, we have a play area inside for the little ones and are right next door to a park for the not so little ones. Plus, we are right across the road from a dog friendly beach, so you can even bring your fluffy friend; and there are plenty of water bowls outside for all your animal companions.

We're totally dog friendly! Check out the Cheeky Cow today, and give us a call to find out more.
Coffee about to be served by the waiter
Good quality food and coffee on the table ready to consume
Delicious Food, Coffee and More
Our menu is packed to the brim with nutritious, healthy and cheeky treats for everyone: from cakes to slices, milkshakes, burgers, coffees and beyond. We offer an all-day breakfast (a real hit among the locals), including pancakes, muesli and more. Head on down to the Cheeky Cow and grab yourself a slice of the action today, and enjoy some truly delicious, authentic and homemade food!